Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cookie Ornaments

Cookie Ornaments!

On a tight budget? Need new decorations? Make some cookies, put a hole in them before you bake them and BAM, you got your self an ornament ready to decorate. 

            I used gingerbread cookie dough, royal icing and sugar with sparkles for the final touch.  My daughter and my husband helped bake and decorate a batch as well. They had a blast (mostly my daughter) putting them all together. The best part about cookie ornaments is; you don't have to pack them up after! Get the kids to eat them!

If your not into making the dough, I have the chilled dough available for purchase. 1 batch makes 3 doz medium sized cookies. I also have the icing available. info@allycakes.ca if you need some.

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