Sunday, December 5, 2010

Quick n Easy Appetizer Ideas

Prosciutto Sticks!

I feel theres no real need to explain how to make these prosciutto stick, but just incase. 1. go to store, buy prosciutto and bread sticks. 2. go home wrap prosciutto around breadsticks and use a pretty vase to hold them up right. Its deliciously easy! 

Veggies and Dip!

This one is simple as well! Its portable and also prevents the fear of double dipping. Although if double dipping grosses you out you might want to watch the episode of Mythbusters where they debunk the idea that germs get in the dip. This idea is great because even if you have a lot of people over you can do this with small plastic cups or get a little crazy and go to the dollar store and buy small glasses or tumblers. 

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